look at this photograph

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if the perfect pair of distressed jeans exists, taylor tomasi has them adorning her legs in this photograph .


  1. that looks really good on her.

  2. This is spectacular. Straight up.

  3. Anonymous19.8.09

    Those jeans are killer - And don't even get me started on the Chanel!

  4. agreed.

    love taylor + her quirks.

    gap has some new classics i went to check out.


  5. I really love the vest; I don't know why but it's so original.

  6. Anonymous19.8.09

    What an awesome photo! I love the whole outfit! I really like the jeans, vest, and scarf! I wonder what the jacket looks like! Looks cool! :)

  7. I loveeee those boots!

    Oh and how do you get pics on your blog to show up so big? Mine always shrinks them down. I can stretch them out, but then they are a sucky quality.

  8. love those jeans and that blog

  9. this jean is perfect !
    I love her outfit

  10. those jeans are fantastic! along with the scarf, boots, and just about everything else =)

  11. wow, cool style!

  12. the destroy jean is lovable

  13. Stunning! Every detail is amazing! What a great photograph! I want her jeans.


  14. Perfect look.

  15. Anonymous12.9.09

    This is perfect. yes i agree drooool

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