just another girl alone at the bar

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when it comes to accessories, i'm pretty much useless .
shiny baubles and ornate add-ons are always after-thoughts for me - only once i've left the house and begun my day will i realize that a chunky bangle or several gaudi rings would have come in handy to play up what i'm already wearing .
my current resolution is to purchase as many accessories i can, and then to actually wear them . a hard feat, but i think it can be done .

end of summer playlist -
death cab for cutie ; i will follow you into the dark .
dierks bently ; sideways .
dierks bently ; what was i thinking .
kyle andrews ; sushi .
amanda blank ; a love song .
the donnas ; hook it up .
spinnerette ; valium knights .
shakira ; she wolf .
andrew bird ; heretics .
toby keith ; i love this bar .
yves larock ; rise up .
rick springfield ; jesse's girl .

quite the combination, i know . apparently i've been feeling very country meets acoustic indie meets '80s revival .


  1. I'm hoping to buy a lot of accessories for back to school this year and buy fewer pieces of clothing.

    I read something kind of cool in a magazine about someone who buys cheap forever21 necklace and when they break (which they always seem to do), she just ties them together to create something one of a kind!

    Thanks a lot for helping me out with the picture size thing, it worked perfectly! I actually use tinypic all the time for other stuff, and never considered using it for that, haha.

  2. I am completely useless with jewellery, don't own that much and I don't even wear the stuff i have very often. I'm getting so much metal envy from that photo.
    Love your playlist, especially Andrew Bird, he's a doll. Have you listened to his Bowl of Fire stuff? It's snazzzzzy. xx

  3. bijoux? familiar, no? ;)

    anyways, DPP still sucks ass and the idiots at canon are, well, idiots. i do hope your electronic hell sorts itself out too! and as for me, nothing is up...schools almost starting and its rainier than ever:(

    xx raez

  4. great pictures! =)
    ** http://leawiest.blogspot.com/ **

  5. aaaaah I love it when people share their music!!!

    x Ingrid H (The Showmanship)

  6. deffo going to check out some of these songs on your playlist ...

  7. Wonderful choices! I love accessories, possibly even more than clothes! XO

  8. Great song picks :)

  9. last fall i played i will follow you into the dark all the time... i love that song, i feel just the same when the autumn is coming. like sad...

  10. i love those gold bangles.

    i like accessories. It completes the look. Of course there are exceptions.

  11. that's ok! i have a soft spot for country XD

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  13. Anonymous27.8.09

    love all of her jewelry!

  14. Good playlist! andrew bird is my babay

  15. lovelove your music list :) rise up is fantastic ;)

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