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ten places i need to visit before i die ♥ .
1. melbourne, australia : the melbourne aquarium - a two-million litre tank full of exotic fish - , greek cafes and shops in the little greece neighborhood, plays at the princess theatre and then a walk across the street to parliament gardens . not to mention the shopping bliss at queen victoria market .
2. st tropez, france : witnessing the regatta, scoping out the matisse at the musee de l'annonciade, soaking up the rays off the coast of the pampelonne a la brigitte bardot and dining at midnight at cafes off the shore .
3. edinburgh, scotland : namely being present for their hogmanay celebration, a street party lasting days on end filled with concerts and fireworks, leading up to new year's eve . also, visiting the underground city - the edinburgh vaults - and watching a football match (either the hearts of the hibs) .
4. miami, florida : staying at the city's biggest skyscraper (the four season's hotel & tower) and riding a bicycle in what was ranked america's cleanest city (forbes, 2008) . the nightlife just so happens to sound pretty exceptional aswell .
5. belfast, ireland : the perfect countryside setting to revisit my roots (i'm part irish), but not completely isolated due to its amplifying city life . also, and this is a little fantasy of mine, i'd love to experience something like cameron diaz in the holiday .
6. lyon and paris, france : paris fashion week, tour de france, the french open . as for lyon, it's said to be the culinary capital of france, so where better to dine on french cuisine ? also, l'opera national de lyon, and possibly watching a classic french film in the city from which hail the lumiere brothers, the first filmmakers ever .
7. copenhagen : the happiest city in the world . nuff said .
8. the republic of the maldives : fresh seafood, diving to the depths of a clear blue ocean, visiting the coral reef, the perfect place to play robinson crusoe .
9. ibiza, spain : preferably before i turn 25 . after all, it's the summer party capital of the world . note : staying in formentera - ibiza's low-key neighbour - for the beach and then taking the ferry over to ibiza now & then would be a more relaxing option .
10. vancouver, british columbia : i'd kill to be there next february (the winter olympics, of course), but really, anytime would kick ass . i love my country .

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  1. great list, You also have to add sevilla, Spain. It's breath taking!:)

  2. we want to go to australia soo bad

    the crumpet girls

  3. those places sound amazing! I think I'm going to have to make a list like this of my own

  4. i have been to a few & oh how i love!
    must add to your list: bali.
    my bestie just traveled the entire world and out of everywhere bali was her fav!!!


  5. Anonymous29.6.09

    Yay for Ireland! Although, you really would have to visit Dublin while you're there. The nightlife is a bazillion times better than Belfast (where it took me and my friends ages to find a liquor store open past 11pm and it cost over £20 to get into a club) and it's a great city.

    I went to Ibiza when I was 13 - too young to go clubbing :(

    I would love to go to LA, Sydney, Paris and Barcelona. Oh and Rome.

  6. Too true! I really want to travel all over Canada. I'm planning on saving up for Halifax sometime in the next year and I'm already planning out doing grad school in Victoria or Vancouver (and I'm only going into second year Uni).

  7. what a crazy good list, i loved reading it;) and thanks zooooeeeee! you're my fave reader;)

    xx raez

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    add me, twitter.com/raezz

  8. i adore this blog.
    and ibiza.

    my sister went to the maldives.

  9. no no vic markets are overrated... prahran markets for food, and a few different streets for shopping :) and Degraves for dining!

  10. I have not been in none of your must-go places... except IBIZA! You should definately come here in the summer.

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  12. I have been to St Tropez... Defo worth a visit!