dancing is all you have to know who you are

i'm finally completing my tag by lyndsay to represent my heart in a picture, a poem, a quote, a song, an item of clothing, a place & a disney princess .

my heart in a picture .
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my heart in a poem .
direct orders (rock out) by anis mojgani .
he's a brilliant slam poet . here's an excerpt .

rock out like you’d just given the last rock n’ roll record on earth and the minutes are counting down to flames .
rock out like you just won both show case show downs .
rock out like the streets are empty except for you, your bicycle and your headphones .
rock out like your lips are just placed onto a break-dance muse with legs that go all the way up .

(check out the rest of his work here) .

my heart in a quote .
"i postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing ." - anaïs nin .

my heart in a song .
tiny dancer by elton john .

my heart in an item of clothing .
ps1 bags, siigh .
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my heart in a place .
as clicheed as it sounds, new york city .

my heart in a disney princess .
alice in wonderland .. was she a disney princess ?


  1. I love that picture. And that bag--oh how much I want that bag.

  2. oh i love this tag!

  3. nice. i like. the picture is wonderful.thanks for sharing

  4. I really love this photo. It's so beautiful :]

  5. I like your picture and song choice, really interesting tag

  6. Anonymous23.3.09

    Yay! That bag is a beauty and Alice is awesome.


  7. Anonymous23.3.09

    Hmm... I don't think Alice was a disney princess.. but, she totally should have been! =)

  8. Anonymous23.3.09

    i love the foto
    so the PS1 bag visited you in your dreams last night too??
    we must come up with a genius plan to meet and schmooze Proenza Schouler so that thye feel the URGE to GIVE us each a most coveted bag of our very own..ahh
    you in missy??

    p.s. how are you?

  9. I lvoe the picture, the poem, and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT BAG!

    saw a blue bag version, loveeee.

  10. love your blog soo much:)
    thanks for your comment:)
    i want that bag so badly too!!!!

  11. very very very beautiful blog !
    i'll come back !

  12. I want the PS1 too. I love the quote you posted. That's why you should never regret what you do. :)

  13. THE BAG is just porn!

  14. Anonymous24.3.09

    My heart in a poem: Poet of Ignorance - Anne Sexton. My heart in a song: Across The Universe - Beatles. I don't believe Alice in Wonderland was a Disney princess, but she makes a great representative for the Disney family!

  15. alice was definitely a disney princess. i mean what are the regulations to be a disney princess? pretty, check. big dress, check. little animals following her, check. gets into some kind of trouble but ultimately gets out of it, check.
    i like this tag, it's original.

  16. i love this and i might steal it from you

  17. I love tiny dancer! and that poem is so beautiful, thank you!!

  18. Anonymous26.7.10

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