wears high heels when she exercises

i am kind of sort of just barely contemplating a fringe .
i had one a few years ago though and i know for a fact that my hair is too thick to look as darling as a) erin from the city or b) peaches . i do know, however, that a slight trim is desperately needed on my part but that i intend on delaying it for as long as possible - i want my hair to be loonnggg .
(and yes yes i know that once you trim it, it grows faster . but i'd just rather not ).

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

my exams are done ! i am actually so excited .
they went well for the most part, and now i only have five months left & so long highschool !
what do all you lovely ladies & gents have planned for the weekend ?

tgif ! x

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  1. i have planed to to take a stroll and go to a museum if the weather would allow me but I don't think that'll happen.
    ah i had a fringe last year but then I let it grow.

  2. Full-on bangs make me really really nervous. They look so nice, though!

  3. Anonymous30.1.09

    you should!!!
    if you thinkk ur hair is too thicke-have them cut the fringe and then razor it to thin it out-but just for the bangs-thicke hair is awesome neways :)

  4. Bangs would be adorable!

  5. Also, my camera is a Canon Rebel XS. I love it!

  6. fringes are cool
    go for it!
    i'm really love your blog too btw, it's becomming one of my regular favourites x

  7. definately if you can pull it off! but they grow out into a side pretty fast, and you know you only live once! thats what i tell myself everytime i cringe at the hair dressers. haha
    awesome blog you have here!

  8. oh i love fringes! go for it i say! i am trialing my hair without one atm..interesting.
    congrats on finishing school too! woohoo party time.

    xxx LM

  9. Great pictures! I'm not sure what i'm going to do yet, maybe heng out with friends :-)

  10. aren't you SOO stoked to get the fuck out of high school? i know i am.
    and this weekend is definitely party time.. university applications suck

  11. Anonymous31.1.09

    awhile ago i trimmed my fringe to be bluntly edged acrossed. i really like it. hopefully you got high marks on your exams then! men while being naked leave little imagination to the mind. clothes set the standards.

  12. oh im so happy for you finishing your exams- i have them all to come in march! grr...

    i completely relate to you about the fringe thing. my hair is probably the thickest hair in all creation, but im sure it would look GORGEOUS on you!

    oh ive not got much planned this weekend. ive been sitting in my room doing a shakespeare essay and working. so not great, just okay :)
    you lovely?


  13. Yeah, fringes are cool. Hope your exams went well!

    xx. mavi

  14. you should just go for it, or you will end up talking yourself out of it! i bet it will look great, and you can always grow it out pretty quickly if you don't like it.
    echoing molly, i wish i had finished my exams ): they come up so quick!

  15. Thank you! xox
    Since I'm writing in Norwegian, it's not that wierd that you don't understand it. But I'm glad to hear you like the pictures:D I like yours to!

  16. Although I'm sure you can pull it off, I would think looong and hard about a fringe. I have thick hair too and whenever I've gone for a fringe in the past I always end up regretting it one week in - but it always grows out so.... :)

  17. Anonymous31.1.09

    I have given your blog an award! check it out on my blog!

  18. LOL to the quote! That is so true. ROFL. Nice one, dear! :)

  19. Thank you for the compliment on the boots... I really do wish they were YSL but I actually bought them off ebay for £30 which is roughly $50 I think? And they are...*drumroll* jessica simpson boots! I feel slightly ashamed admitting that but they were just too perfect. Also I think the side bangs thing is a good idea, I've been toying with the idea of a fringe for ages and I might end up having a side-y one because otherwise I will just never do it. Also I'm going to link your blog - and I'm pretty selective!

  20. oh, i want my hair to be long too.:( well, i spent my weekend chiling with my friends, nothing especial, though sweet and simple