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kanye west for louis vuitton footwear .
this is epic .
the lv devotee said he'd be dabbling in shoe design, and when he displayed the initial designs at the debut of 09, sneaker buffs, kanye lovers and simply most admirers of the house of vuitton were fully prepared to make a mad dash to stores to get their hands on these gems . here, kanye is sporting one of his own designs - loafer meets sneak meets boat shoe - at the givenchy couture show .
i can only imagine what these will retail for ...

photographed by the cobrasnake .

and while we're on the subject of musical talents, here's what i've been listening to lately .
- go hard by dj khaled ft kanye west .
- jizz in my pants by the lonely island, tahahhah .
- you don't know me by ben folds ft regina spektor .
- this boy by james morrison .
- broken strings by james morrison ft nelly furtado .
- juicy by better than ezra .
- meet virginia by train .


  1. Anonymous29.1.09

    Jizz In My Pants is legendary!!!!!

  2. Those shoes are insane! I love the tie details and the picture.

  3. those actually are pretty rad. i was skeptical considering the over the top ness of kanye...
    speaking of over the top ness, look at this ridiculous photo from jak n jil: http://jakandjil.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/kanyewestentourage1.jpg

    never ceases to amaze.....


  4. i dont usually like sneakers, but those are sort of epic.

  5. givenchy show was just amazing,. i especailly loved the catwalk... as we can all see why. kanye on it? well... he better decide music or fashion.

  6. I love Ben Folds with all of my heart.

  7. I love all the pretty rose petals on the runway at Givenchy. It looked beautiful.

    Thanks for your birthday message!

  8. Those shooooes. I want, I don't care that I'm a girl.

    And jizz in my pants is forever epic.

  9. I THINK IM IN LOVE WITH THOSE LV SHOES,i want them in black!

    i love your music choices i think im gonna listen to more of james morrison!

  10. oooh i'm a kanye west fan
    how could you be so heartless...
    i love it

  11. thank you honey :)
    i know, badgal and american apparel are amazing!!

    I love James Morrison - broken strings is beautiful!


  12. I can't help but love Kanye too despite his ego hahaha. I love the tassel details! How unexpected!

  13. Anonymous30.1.09

    i looovee the first two songs-isnt the jizz one from SNL..hahha sooo funni

  14. one. those shoes are so fantastic. two. it just made my day that you cited jizz in my pants as one of your current songs.