as hangovers subdue and party dresses are stored away once more, the new year leaves us a few days between full-out partying and back-to-reality to really contemplate the changes that may soon occur. resolutions, for one thing, dance around in our minds, giving us the ever-satisfying sensation that anything we want to do can be done, if we dedicate ourselves to it. but furthermore, the line between 2009 and 2010 draws an end to styles we've seen floating down runways for seasons on end, styles that lived long and healthy lives amongst trends that proved to be more ephemeral. the futuristic 'art-deco' look saw revivals season after season, as different fashion houses attempted their interpretation of the trend. the rebirth of leggings is a concrete example of the continuous recycling that occurred throughout the past decade (think shoulder pads, boho fringes, tie-dye, high waisted anything, fur coats, denim on denim, and acid wash). though innovative in some aspects, we mostly chose to revamp previous styles that had peaked in the '70s or '80s.

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as of late, the tough-chic look (previously seen in the '80s) is what consumers are going gaga for. leather, studs, bustiers, ripped denim, thigh-high boots, smeared eye makeup, biker jackets, dark nail lacquer, mini dresses, and torn sweaters, all items that could be adorning junkies or strippers, are given an haute-couture edge with minimal tweaking and acceptance from the general public. photos of celebrities like taylor momsen in fishnet stockings and holey band tees that reflect her inner badass chick are proof that the trend is still going strong.

and this is where 2010 comes in. while the biker chick look is sure to stick around for some time, some more playful, innocent looks are sure to see the light in the upcoming year. think lolita and baby-dolls, as sweet replaces sexy and the little gamine in all of us has her time to shine.

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prada adorned pretty babydoll frocks with a mismash of patterns that pleased the eye in a youthful sort of way. the girls looked as though they had just woken up with their matted pigtails and silky separates, but were still ready to tackle the day ahead of them.

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stella mccartney embraced the whimsical shapes of dolls with her elaborate ruffles highlighted by narrow waists. she also introduced a renewed simplicity with sheer white blouses and washed denim that capture the nonchalant, airy vibe of a young girl with her innocence still intact.


  1. What a great wrap up of trends. Love your blog x

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, it made me especially appreciative, not only for your meaningful thoughts, but because I love and admire your blog so much!
    I really respect your writing style and combined with the hand-picked photos of your choosing, the combination is simply unbeatable.
    And I still look at SICK all the time for inspiration.
    Take care and keep blogging xx

  3. roberto cavalli's ss09/10 is another one that i am in awe over. pretty impress with it!

  4. hee babe, thnks for your message, so sweet of you!! i see you just returned from a blog-break, you should definitly keep blogging, you post awesome things! i'd love to trade links, i'll put you on my link list!
    haha yeah big love for men in suits, dreaming and dreaming of men in suits ;)
    love the hair from the prada show, wish i could get away with that without looking like a five year old kid!
    xxx em

  5. you're baaack! thank god :D