if i had one wish

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oh peaches .
she looks so hot as a brunette . and i am loving all of her body art .
photo from thecobrasnake, i think ?


  1. love the art.

    my bff just got on the in inside of her arm. She got a skeleton key. it looks awesome.


  2. loving the dark hair

  3. Anonymous9.9.09

    I'm just not a fan... And yes, this weather is insane. I'm ready to start wearing black tights again and I CAN'T because it's so HOT. So how's school??? Have you settled in ok? No more uniforms - woooooooooot.


  4. I prefer her with blond hair !

  5. no, she does not. id also prefer her with blond hair. but: she always looks so wodka-drunk.

  6. Anonymous15.11.09

    i love her purple hair! does she have hair extensions?? i thought she just recently chopped it all off...


    Runway Hippie


  7. Anonymous25.7.10

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