valium knights

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more willa holland of course . all photos from tfs .
my bags are packed and ready to go ; oh, did i mention i'm leaving on holidays until the 24th ? and then it's back to school for me .. i suppose a vacation is a good way to end the summer with a bang . i'm taking a cruise leaving out of new york (which means an overnight stay in the city that never sleeps is also included) . i wish you all a good week ! hopefully i'll be able to post once or twice before then, but we'll see .



  1. i think i'm in love with that girl.
    have an awesome time on board!

  2. love willa.
    have fun on your trip!

  3. Anonymous17.8.09

    love your blog!

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  4. Anonymous17.8.09

    When are we going to see more of this girl? *sigh* Ooooh enjoy your trip! I'm very jealous... I'll be working seven days a week for the next month - oh dear.


  5. I hope your vacation goes well! Have lots of fun :)

    And Willa is a doll, just so pretty.

  6. LOwe this pictures !

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