the death of a disco dancer

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what to do when you're upset by russiangold .

1. have a romance in your head .
2. buy a remote control for your camera and dip your toes into the pool of narcissism .
3. write a personal entry for your blog dissecting every aspect of the upsetting situation . post it, don't post it, whatever .
4. wear a fake mustache all day .
5. write multiple lists of everything you want : material posessions, relationships, work, lifestyle, everything . pin them up by the door so you see them all the time .
6. eat animal crackers .
7. notice when you hold tension in your body, & learn to let it go .
8. load up your ipod and go for a long walk through your favourite scenery .
9. find a secret place .
10. lie down in the sunshine .


  1. Great collage and thanks for posting this list. Next time I'm upset, I'm totally going to wear a mustache all day... :P

  2. Great post! Really - I mean it.

  3. That is a great list of ways to lift your spirits! Thanks


  4. some good tips in there. it's tough sometimes to figure out what to do to turn your frown upside down..

  5. TYHTYHFAN1.8.09

    LOVE IT!

    "Stay gold, ponyboy, stay gold."

  6. hope you don't mind but I am stealing this.

  7. kickass collage!!!!

    i truely love your blog!


  8. This is all wonderful, the collage and the ten things. Everyone should dip their toes into the pool of narcissism every now and then, it's good for the soul. x

  9. I love this list.
    I am really in the need of making a list of everything i want.
    lists always make me feel better.

    I adore your blog...going to add u to my blog roll :)
    wanna be blogroll buddies?!


  10. i love your blog so so much.


  11. 1. eat ice cream
    2. paint my nails
    3. watch Hot Rod
    4. eat more ice cream
    5. clean out my closet
    6. blog, blog, blog
    7. make lists (like you)
    8. facebook/text
    9. take a long shower.
    10. sleep :)

  12. thank you very very much.

  13. "4. wear a fake mustache all day." Hahaha. I'm gonna do that! No, just kidding. I'd probably do something like #'s 8-10.

  14. do you have any idea where the STAY GOLD tee shirt is from? i've seen nick from the yeah yeah yeahs wearing it too and thought it was lovely.
    great post btw!

  15. Anonymous14.11.09

    I was going to say that this list is originally from galadarling.com, but this was posted two months before hers, a popular article on her site "100 Things To Do When You're Upset (The Sad Trombone List)." Sorry!