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once again, riccardo tisci did not dissappoint.
remember the petals strewn all over givenchy's spring 09 runway ? and the nude palette that abounded, putting emphasis on the designer's perfected structure and shape tactics ? this time around, the gowns were just as exquisite, though more uniquely appealing - each piece looks like it could be its own collection, not necessarely an integrative part of the whole show - keeping with the intrigue and anticipation that is far too often a rarity when it comes to fashion week shows .
sarah mower of style.com stated in her runway review : "if tisci's thought process sometimes lacks coherence, he is still a designer bringing a much-needed sense of modernity to an old tradition" .
and you gotta love him for it .


  1. it is all amaazing !!!´i don't wanna get married, but if i do, i want my weddingdress to look like the one in the second photo. <3 mums
    and thanks for the comment. i just cut them off. it wasn't hard at all. :)

  2. oh boy, I wanna get married in the second dress! or I just want the dress ;)
    it looks like something an elf would wear and I'm a sucker for anything that reminds me of lotr ;D

  3. hot! that red dress is really just stunning! great collection:)

    xx raez

  4. I love the hardware on the third dress!

  5. Absolutly stunning. I completly agree with the comment of lacking consistency on theme for the designs but who needs that when you've got designs like this!

  6. Faint praise from Sarah Mower, but I love the degrade bright orange on that strapless gown.

  7. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

    Kiss from Melbourne

  8. It sort of creeps me out that Karlie Kloss is only like, 16 but he's put her in a wedding dress. Oh well, that's modeling for you.

  9. These are great! :D

  10. Anonymous20.7.09


  11. I love the dip dyed red dress, it's amazing. x