comatose or pretty close

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on my makeup wishlist :
nars blush in orgasm, bright coral nail lacquer, john frieda hair glaze, dove heat defying shampoo & conditioner, clinique spf15 long lasting gloss, new mascara (any suggestions ? i've practically run out of my badgal ..), nivea strawberry lip balm and ysl touche eclat .


  1. Anonymous6.6.09

    I AM WEARING BRIGHT CORAL NAIL LACQUER! It looks awesome with a tan.

  2. Those lips are the perfect color!

  3. How was the badgirl mascara? I've been looking at it for a while now.
    I'm using Max Factor false lash effect mascara, and I think it's pretty good :)

  4. okay, the color on those lips is the most perfect thing i've ever seen! hmm i think i need to make some lipstick purchases for summer...

  5. i am loving those pink lips in the pic + your new pinky header.
    so great.

    oh my. ysl touche eclat is magical.
    and nars orgasm is seriously the perfect hue. it lives up to its name.
    oh and for mascara i am all about the cheap stuff:
    loreal telescopic! i swear i have tried at least 20 kinds and this is.THE.BEST.
    + so so so cheap.
    i also read in a RUSSH magazine awhile back that a famous MA said she has tried every mascara on the market and this was her favorite and is the only one she uses.
    give it a try and see how it goes- i mean shoppers for under $10 can be beat.


  6. when it comes to lashes I'm all about volume and after being a worshipper of diorshow mascara, I switched to maybelline volum' express and I swear it gives the same results for a fraction of diorshow's price!
    I'm addicted to pink grapefruit nive lip balm, sweetest smell ever

  7. That lipstick really speaks for itself. I need say no more.

    It would be mine

  8. girl i love this pic. pink lippy is my fave! and you should try lashblast by covergirl. its what i use and i love what it does to my teeny asian lashes:):)


  9. clinique long pretty lashes. i love that stuff.

  10. I've been dying to get that lipcolor. It's like Barbie-pink!

  11. heyyy working gurlll
    have you been to my new blog yet?
    love ya!

  12. p.s. hows that job?
    im do for one any second now...haha

  13. oh my gosh, love that lipcolour so so much! nars blush in orgasm is sooo flattering, its awesome xx

  14. her tan and that lipcolour.. divine.
    makes me want to pull it off but I am afraid I will look like a litle miss dressup using mum´s lipstick.


  15. yes yes and yes.
    I need a makeup bag update to !
    Gotta keep on savin' them dollars ♥

  16. envy over those lips! incredible perfect cover and colour! cute blog also! loved your post about california xxx

  17. Anonymous10.6.09

    yeah! its julia! stegner ;). i love our german classy beauty.
    and i love all of ur posts

    according ur comment on my blog: do u already have one of those tees? im not sure if i should buy one, cause many said the quality sucks?!
    give me pls a tipp! :)

    (p.s.: do i have u already in my reader-list? would be great if ur gettin one of mine ;))
    love love love from frankfurt.carmen

  18. i love the pink lips!

  19. oh i have a nice coral on right now. i agree, its a great summer color!

  20. I think Maxx Factor 2000 calorie is good for when you don't want to spend too much.
    If you're spending a little more I loveee Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash. I think it's even better than BadGal.

  21. i love coral nail varnish... such a fresh, summery alternative to black or red.

  22. love the bubblegum lips

  23. Anonymous13.6.09

    I love this lipstick color and look at her hair!
    she's beautiful!

  24. i just read every single blog post of yours and i must say i'm very impressed. so young and such a cool blog. then i was surprised and flattered to see my blog on your blogroll, so sweet. i'll be adding you to mine today. i know you'll love friday night lights. i'm starting to watch season 3 today, ahhh riggins, lol. happy weekend.

    oh, mascara ideas... i love fiberwig but it's not available in canada, only online or in the us but i love badgirl too.

  25. those lips are gorgeous. I adore the whole look. Bonne chance with your shopping endeavors! I suggest Volume by L'Oreal mascara. It makes my eyelashes touch my eyebrows.

  26. The best mascara in the world has to be YSL false lash effect mascara,
    a close second is Barry M intense black 3 in 1.
    I'd have a constant supply of YSL if i had the money, so i use Barry M when cant afford that.
    I also love Touche Eclat,
    but mostly i just borrow my mums. Permanently.

  27. that lipstick is insane! i love it

  28. wow that's so weird I was just writing a post about this color! and added the same pic to the sidetitles.

    love it so much! the skin, hair, and lipcolor

    the fashion kiwi

  29. Anonymous15.6.09

    love the colour of the lipstick

  30. Anonymous25.7.10

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  31. Anonymous7.10.10

    Why is everyone doing that ANGELINA JOLIE pose? It's so unoriginal. She's so sexy in her own ways. Try a different pose. Be daring.