i don't know my way through a maze of skyscrapers

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photo via facehunter .
makes me crave superhigh wedges .

sorry for the total lack of updates lately .. distractions abound .
on a lighter note, i'm finished school in three weeks and then it's summer vacation . oh and plus i think i've acquired a summer job . all i seem to talk about is summer, no ? ah well, it really is an intoxicating season .
what are you guys up to this weekend ?


  1. this is a GREAT picture, wow facehunter is really stepping it up lately. lucky you with summer vacation!!! we're heading into winter now. :(


  2. really like the jeans! and the shoes of course are beastly!
    this weekend i'm going to partypartyparty (:


  3. I love my super-high wedges. They are a real pain though. Carry bandages in your bag, lol!
    Good lukc with the last few weeks of school :)

  4. lucky you getting a job! i cant find one any where. where is it for?!
    that pic is amazing x

  5. summer job? yay you. i think i want to ditch my current one and go run away to the bahamas...haha, as if.

    and yes, wedges! i love these two tones!

  6. such a gorgeous photo, makes me want elegant wedges too!
    congrats on the job! hope you have an awesome summer...

  7. I love how the stripes are peeping through the fur. Love the wedges too!



  8. Shoes are stunning girl and your jacket is so lovely !
    Boubou xx

  9. those wedges are insane! i love em

  10. they look like a hassle to walk in but they're actually amazing. x

  11. Anonymous22.5.09

    moms birthday was this friday so we went to city island in the bronx, ny for a good sit down with proper fresh sea food..
    between my brothers and me ive taken a gizillion fotos..:)
    the water was beautiful and always calming and i saw a huge swan with a 6ft wings span!!
    tom. is movies with the cousin and then sunday im trying to sched a meet up with a long lost friend before she goes to the philipines..
    DAMnnnn i havent been this social with actaul face time in how long?
    must check blog archive
    anyways wasn't meant to make this a long chat
    feel free to chat back when your free or overwhelmed- i know i do the same to you haha

  12. Summer definitely is intoxicating :)

  13. the wedges are JUMMY!!

  14. i LOVE that jacket! amazing blog.

  15. Anonymous23.5.09

    That's exactly what I think.
    Sure it might look cool in a picture,
    But you're just killing yourself + those around you.
    People who smoke just look stupid.
    & they waste hundreds of dollars for nothing.

  16. Ah the wedges. Funny how I am totally craving heels when I've been prancing around in four inch glitter sandals for the last three hours.

    I want summer holiday so badly at the moment.


  17. ah i love those wedges! love the outift, so gorgeous! good luck with the job, i cant stop thinking about summer! xoxo
    Ty Ty

  18. you're right that shoes look damn good and i like the whole outfit i mean look at it, perfection.
    btw okay i have added you too.
    btw you also can only right my little star: *

  19. AH this is exactly what i needed for my lack of inspiration! thank you!!

  20. Super great outfit, I love the jacket and wedges, so effortless!

  21. oooo where are you working this summer?

  22. perfect shoes !
    great blog, all of your pics are awesome

    imane ;)

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