you're an old heart breaker mischief maker

what is the last thing you ate ?
yogurt + granola + coffee for breakfast .

what was the last thing you bought ?
movie ticket to see 17 again, not gonna lie .

what are you listening to right now ?
all my alphabeat songs on repeat .

what is your favorite weather ?
warm summer days when there's a slight breeze so you figure you won't get sunburnt but then you actually do . minus the actual sunburn part .

say something to the person who tagged you -
a few different people tagged me, but i'll say that they are all inspirational because they pour their heart & souls into blogging and let us peer into their lives, which brings a smile to my face .

if you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world where would it be ?
to switch things up a bit from the last time i answered this question, i'll say in a yacht off the coast of capri .

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guiltiest pleasure you're willing to admit here ?
disney channel for sure . oh & jesse mccartney . or also kfed's song lose control .. apparently i have quite a few guilty pleasures .

name the things you can't live without ?
my family, my friends, my lungs .

what would you like to have in your hands right now ?
a puppy like marley from marley & me . ps - i was pretty much sobbing last weekend when i watched that movie .

what is your favorite tea flavor ?
it's funny how it's pretty much a prerequisite for bloggers to like/be obsessed with/drink a lot of tea .. i prefer coffee with lots of cream but when i drink tea it's usually cranberry flavoured .

what's your favorite brand of jeans ?
my cousin gave me a pair of sevens that fit pretty well .. but i've always wanted cheap mondays .

what style trend is the hardest for you to adopt ?
hard .. ? as in hard for me to accomplish ? because in that case it would have to be long scraggly locks . because my hair doesn't grow fast and has the tendency to not look anything like ruby aldridge's when i wake up in the morning . story of my life .

who is your fashion icon ?
i honestly don't have one . there are a ton of people i take inspiration from, but i don't idolize any of them because they all wear outfits every once in a while that i really don't like .

tell me your dreams -
toughie ! let's say .. living in a big city and doing big things .

- i didn't really follow the rules for this survey .. i deleted a few questions and didn't add any of my own . but i tag whoever reads it !


  1. so sweet.

    you would be so fun to hang with!!!

    oh dear!
    i am worse.
    my BF & i went to go see 17 again last weekend + we are old farts!


  2. That's what I had for breakfast, too. Granola is the best. I love your answers and the ice cream picture!

  3. hot collage:) your answers makes me smile! and yes, i believe its EF. I'm very excited, i really wanna see the eiffel tower and the louvre, not to mention the trevi fountain:):)

  4. Anonymous30.4.09

    how awesome are you?
    so awesome you're in the major leagues girllllllllllll
    i love your answers
    you are a chic i could hang with



  6. i love what you did with the photos, it gives them such a cool effect.

    i really like your blog! stop by sometime.

  7. haha you cannot live without your lungs, LULZ.

  8. You sound very interesting <3

    Also, just letting you know that i haven't died and that i have a new blog:

    Thanks x

  9. Haha you're right. Cheap Mondays are the only jeans to have!

  10. great answers/questions , you seems very interesting :)
    have a nice day

  11. my lungs..actual LOL!


  12. I'm bored as hell & I read it, so I'm gonna answer too

    * I'm addicted to surveys *

  13. you sound fun. ahah
    i love the pictures.

  14. cranberry tea is so yummy.
    we could get along well - your answers made me smile :)

  15. Breaking the rules is a good thing, that I didn't follow, shame on me !!