part of the beauty of falling in love with you is the fear you won't fall

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some recommended i watch it, some disagreed, others simply stated that the lackluster remake was a good way to pass time, though not as thrilling as all the hype would have indicated . long story short, i decided to give it a shot .
90210 is another show about filthy rich teens (which, i must admit, i have the tendency to sink my claws into and devour for all they're worth) living in a world that could never be mimicked, a world i love and desperately want to call my own - los angeles, calif . and i think that's what i liked about it .. because it certainly brought nothing new to the table .
the plot is pretty similar to any other teen drama (aka dreen or trama) - pregger teen ? check . new girl at school ? check . hot lacrosse player (hello, nathaniel archibald ?) check .. and the list goes on and on - but i know myself better than to say that i would be able to set the show aside after having watched the first few episodes .. the truth is, i'm a sucker for the aforementioned dreens & tramas .
and so, i'm already at episode what, like, eighteen ? three days' worth of intensive internet pirating and here i am, no longer able to call myself the cynic who didn't have time for such nonsense . not to say there weren't a few things i didn't like . annie wilson is annoying as hell (i am not a shenae grimes fan, at all . period .) and her dad is three times worse . also, a bit too much 'counselling' and 'learning about yourself' and 'we're a big happy family' for my taste .
but i do like mr. matthews (he's very hilary swank in freedom writers meets ryan gosling in half nelson), the naomi + drag racer dude relationship (if you can call it that) and silver as a psycho .
yep, i'm now one of those sappy kids who knows all the characters' names .
big change from a few days ago, n'est-ce pas ?


  1. woah... are they dating?

  2. i love her skirt.
    not much of a fan of the show, though.

  3. ooo.. he's on twitter eh? I'll have to follow him! Our Fellow Canuck. Very exciting.

    Hit us up on twitter @slicemag
    also check out @wafflesgirls they're based in Vancouver... i promise you won't be disappointed, they are the craziest girls I've ever talked too. lol.

  4. Anonymous14.4.09

    I love Silver's style.

  5. crumpet girls love 90210, shes beautiful

    the crumpet girls

  6. mr matthews is definitely the sexiest guy on the show, my favourite character also. i felt so sorry for him when he was accused of sleeping with a student (how sad am i caring about fictional characters??).

    long story short, i heart mr matthews.

  7. Stellar blog Zoë. I dig the neverending stream of summer yearning through every post, but I know nothing about Mr. Matthews.

    Good on ya.

  8. aahahha. i agree. i think it's getting better now though.


  9. you believed the hype! hahah glad it turned out better for you.. i almost wish i had something to watch at the moment. since i don't though, it's back to mrs. dalloway.

  10. i totally agree with you about shenae grimes - they couldn't have picked a more annoying actress. her voice makes me cringe
    the show over all is alright, i'm going to start watching it again in the summer xo

  11. oh girl. you described it perfectly.

    it just started playing here in south africa. and i stumbled upon the first episode and now can't stop!

    its not terrible. but it will never live up to its original.

    have a beautiful week.

  12. I don't watch the show, but I really love her skirt :) hehe

  13. Hahaha! I got addicted to this a couple of months ago and dowloaded everything up to date. Its so easy to watch and to get to know the characters that I just couldn't resist.
    I really don't like silver as a character or as a actress, super annoying. I half hope she dies in some kind of car crash where she goes crazy and tries to kill (whatever her boyfriend was called) in a 'if I cant have you, no one can' vanilla sky kinda way.

  14. ahahahaha!

    god! so i'm not the only one who HATES annie!
    she seriously pisses me off.

    but i adore naomi, and of course liam.

    and silver is awesome, i'm happy she's getting better.

    and aw at the picture! are they together in real life? i know like a bunch of them are actually dating in real life!


  15. Your blog is amazing. I love your pickas (;

  16. Anonymous16.4.09

    Joshua Radin reference .....much love!

  17. I love this and I adore how you have totally transformed!!

  18. I love 90210
    I want to live in California now, its' so much cool than Paris !

  19. I agree annie enunciates a lot! like omg..
    but anyways i love that skirt Silver is wearing..and your blog is amazing xo


  20. i know exactley what you mean..i thought ill just watch one..next thing i know im HOOKED!
    silver is my fave though, not much of a fan of annie ..


  21. I understand what you mean. This is one of my fave tv shows. I love Adrianna, and Mr Matthews is so a good teacher ! x

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