you'll never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be

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the dress that you can wear a million different ways in baby pink; the oversized mesh tee in jet black; the double-u neck bodysuit in cherry red .

the top three things i'm vying for right now from american apparel, in that order .
coming up later tonight : most likely a lauren conrad post . because i intend on spending the evening watching laguna beach & therefore i know myself well enough to say i'll be on a lauren's-cute-style kick in no time .


  1. Oooh oversized mesh tee!!

  2. american apparel is my hero.

  3. the double u-neck bodysuit in navy changed my life - true story. do buy, and soon. and whaaaaaaaat i only have eyes for mesh. great top.

  4. I love the color of the dress. It's such a gorgeous nude. Personally, I would go for the bodysuit, though.

  5. you must get these pieces!
    for real.

    i can NEVER get enough aa.
    i wish i had one of everything. in EVERY color.

    have the most wonderful weekend beauty.

    thanks for the hair advice ;)


  6. Wow!
    This blog is so awesome! I love the pictures and the titles and your fashion sense too ;)
    I'm also loving that red number on the end! Red is my typical accent colour and that would be so good! Now I just need the money and the figure!

  7. i love the black mesh thing.
    also yes im a triplet, lol i love it. however i wish for a sister, i have two brothers.
    my best friend has older sisters so i just steal them haha,
    xxxx its good ,weve been in the local papers etc, and proberbly will be again when we finish our exams, x

  8. Oh the red leotard! The moment I saw it about 10 different things to pair it with popped into my head... it must be mine! ^^ Thanks for finding this. Your blog is full of very cool things - I love it! x

  9. as much as i hated the clingy mesh dress that top is actually nice....!

  10. I am definitely going to buy that t-shirt if I find it:)

  11. i LOVE the first dress, i tried it on and you can wear it in a millionn different ways.


  12. Ah love the second one! You're blog is fab! I am following you from now on <3

  13. Anonymous27.2.09

    that is soo absolutely true!
    it made me smile-sometimes the best quotes are from the common sense we choose not to have-that sounds like a quote right there huh? llol
    i just got accepted to the aboard program at my school so come August of this year i will be in florence ITALY!! for a whollllee year..Holy SHITZA haha..but yeah i know i really dont want to be here in the us atm-that i wanted to be somewhere in europe so its the perfect opportunity for me :)
    so i guess i wasnt going to go to italy until i knew i wanted to leave..so thanks for the inspirational quote

    oh oh! p.s. thankyou sweetie for the kind words ive just been so overwhelmed with school work and no sleep and no social life and always working but never being done or having down time that its hard for me to see the rainbow thru the rain or watev..but today was a really good day-eventho i was draping from 430pm til 12am i got one project finished and thats wat matters :)))

  14. oh god, that pink dress is a dream boat!

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