i'm bored of cheap & cheerful, i want expensive sadness

i was tagged by brittany as bones + stars .
i'm a survey addict so i was happy to oblige .

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describe your personal style .
comfy . pretty boring, actually .

what are the staples in your wardrobe ?
at the moment, anything that can keep my body temp above zero - denim, leggings, plush boots and superoversized sweaters .

what's your signature look ?
skinnies + an oversized sweater + slouchy booties + bright nails .

what inspires you ?
bloggggss, so much !! otherwise, beautiful magazines, inspirational people in my surroundings, pretty words and the seasons .

who is your fashion muse ?
like brittany : OLSENS . and lately i've been tracking lc sorta ? because she seems like a practical dresser .

favorite purchase of all time .
are you kidding me ? like i could actually pick .
okay well something i didn't actually purchase but was given to me : a vintage louis vuitton suitcase for my sixteenth birthday . the story behind it : i made a quick stop in a thrift shop downtown palm springs, and didn't really find too much aside from fluo tracksuits and all things lycra .. but then, behind the counter, i set my eyes on the most terrific piece of luggage i had ever been close enough to touch .. let alone purchase . anyways, i left the store without buying it, beat myself up for about a week, and then, my parents miraculously offered it to me on the morning of my birthday ! they had gone back to the store afterwards and picked it up for me . i was ecstaaatic . i don't travel much, but when i do, i'll have the perfect piece to pack my stuff into .

biggest splurge ?
i've never really splurged on much .. i guess saving up for my trip to europe ( italy and greece ) two years ago ? pretty much .

what's your beauty routine ?
frederik fekkai frizz-ease on damp hair before bed . in the morning, benefit benetint as a foundation primer, then bare escentuals spf 15 loose powder, then some blush and badgal mascara . if i remember, i'll apply a touch of gloss to perfect my pout (ahahh) .

what jewelery do you never take off ?
i wear a ring my grandfather gave me on my thumb (i even have trouble taking it off now) and another that my parents gave me when i was younger at all times .

what are you wishing for ?
for my family to be in good health .

what are your obsessions ?
a lot of things : getting enough sleep on weeknights, drinking loads of water, discovering new music ( does anybody have any recommendations ? ), party pictures ...

i was hoping kings of leon would get best rock album but unfortunately coldplay stole the show . and i love coldplay just as much as the next person, but i mean they alwayys win . it was funny though because some chick from the ryan seacrest preshow was interviewing them (kings of leon, that is) and she was like 'aren't you guys happy to be here together, four buddies instead of all alone? ha ha !' and they went 'well yeah, we're brothers, so yeah' (three of them are brothers and matthew is a first cousin) or something along those lines . and then she was like 'oh yeah yeah, right, brothers .' ahahh totally clueless .


  1. oh my god i was telling someone last night how a red-carpet-interviewer is possibly the most degrading show biz job. joey fatone? yikes.
    i wish kings of leon won too, i love those boys.

  2. omggg i wanna see your makeup sometimes then and some outfit posts? haha, great answers:)


  3. coldplay does always win! boo.

    i was happy to see adele win! do you like her?

  4. great answers...
    i love finding new music too. it's the best. then i listen to it until i practically wear it out and have to find new stuff.

  5. Anonymous9.2.09

    good survey answers! i love taking a little peek into other blogger's lives.

  6. Kings of leon are amazing!!
    I love the pic at the top btw
    Thanks for visiting the scrapbook!

  7. great answers! enjoyed learning more about you honey!
    xxx LM

  8. love the answeres!

  9. thank you honey :)

    cool answers and I lovee the kings of leon too!


  10. hi, thanks for your comment! :)
    if you click on customize on your blog, and then click on Choose New Template. I chose the 4th one, that way your posts are on the left. I hope you understand now, it's very easy!

    see you later,

  11. Anonymous10.2.09

    great tag, really enjoyed reading it:)

  12. kings of leon are my hero.
    i listen to aha shake heartbreak on a daily basis.

  13. olsens olsens olssens.

    that's so funny about kings of leon, my favourite kol related quote: chatting about music, my friend tells me kings of leon are her favourite band. i asked her which is her favourite album: "well, they only have one you know!"

    i gave you an award, i'm sure you already have it though :)
    i'm going to link you too, ok?
    bombarding you with love today huh :)


  14. The vintage LV suitcase sounds amazing!

  15. im so glad you love surveys too!
    haha and i adorrrre kings of leon and im totally with ya-coldplays amazing but they honestly win far too many awards

  16. i have an obsession to drink water too! I just keep drinknig !!! :/

  17. I have no idea if you'd like them but check out Guyamas Soro... (can't remember how you spell the name or anything, something like that) and Nantes by Beirut.
    So Good.

  18. thanks for the lovely comment:)

    you've got an awesome blog, and ha, I love drinking water too ;)

    and as far as music goes, check out polynya, vancougar and plastiscines, if you havent yet!

  19. love it! im wishing for more sleep too!! google T.V. shows like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Grey's, The City...awesome music and alot of new bands! Cheers

  20. ahahah the thumb ring .. LIPOSUCTION FINGERS ! that girl can be ever so violent at times :]


  21. Hi zoe!
    Fun tag!! I hope this one makes it around to me :)

    love, mavi

  22. awww.. lovely post :) i can imagine your style perfectly by your words.

  23. i like your blog too, it's awesome!