you're putting on makeup, you don't believe in love

i was tagged by rosie at la mode vogue to post some of my preferences when it comes to music, and though i didn't get around to it last night as promised ( soo sorry rosie !! ) here i am getting it down now.

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the kooks, amy macdonald, elton john, feist, kings of leon, belle and sebastian, tilly & the wall, alphabeat, amy winehouse, mark ronson, robyn, architecture in helsinki, everybody else, lykke li, cat stevens, fiona apple, jay z, the sounds, kanye west, bloc party, mgmt, tokyo police club, augustana, the be good tanyas, vanessa paradis, missy higgins, new young pony club, vampire weekends, stars, ladyhawke, lil wayne, hilltop hoods, kate nash, great lake swimmers, the eagles, cake.

upcoming post on whitney port & maybe possibly the other fashionable hills girls (aka, well, only lauren) soonish.


  1. Anonymous6.1.09

    Aw I'm on a total Jay-Z kick at the moment. Check this out: http://jaydiohead.com/

  2. thank you for the lovely comment dear ;)

    I'm diggin your music selection, i actual love a lot of the artist you have mentioned... there's quite a few Australian artists there :)

    i hope you had a great NYE

  3. great pictures, great blog.
    You are linked ;)

  4. we have much in common, zoe! i've heard a few of vampire weekend's songs and liked what i heard so i'm going to get their city. as for the other artists, i'm definitely going to listen to some of their stuff. i'll let you know which ones i like :)

  5. CD** i have no clue why i wrote city ... haha

  6. great selection of artists!

  7. LOVE your music tastes, these artists are all amazing, i love mgmt, the kooks and feist too, lesley has such a beautiful voice.


  8. This pic is amazing!
    Nice musical selection.

  9. Anonymous7.1.09

    ZOE!!! its been sooo long...so lets catch up! merry christmas! Happy new year! and CoNRGATS!! on ur own blog..wats new? Im in the mix of a room redo if i can scrap up some cash..thinkin about changin the name to my blog any suggestions..i get bored fast hehe..well come for a visit and/or email
    miss you!

  10. Nice pic!

    I loovvvveee Kings of Leon!! :D

  11. you have SUCH great taste!!! i love these bands!