they all walk and talk and they dress the same

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photos : xanga & the skullset .

i am very much looking forward to watching slumdog millionaire and he's just not that into you.
hopefully once exams are done with i'll find some time to do so.


  1. yes yes i'm hyped on those flicks as well. i saw revolutionary road last night and it was sooooo goooood. kate winslet is actually amazing.

  2. replying to your comment: thanks so much! yeah, i know what you mean about Aritzia - I live in Toronto so basically everywhere you see is those long TNA coats, Talula wool coats, TNA pants, sweaters--you name it! I never step into the store 'cause it's 1. so crowded all the time, and 2. the quality is not worth the price. so the one time I went in after months, I saw this t-shirt but wasn't willing to pay $30 for it thinking I could DIY (hahaha). I got lazy and it went on sale anyway, so i got it then.

    i'm loving your blog too! including the layout

  3. i love the bathing suit at the bottom.
    i can't wait to see slumdog millionaire.

  4. Slumdog Millionaire avec Dev Patel (Skins) :D! I've heard it's a masterpiece. En tous cas, je me sens généreux, alors si tu veux, je peux te "burner" le film... Haha, I'm such a rascal; an outlaw.

    D'ici là,
    Bonne semaine d'examens.

  5. oh the sky in that pic is gorgeous!!!!!! stunning.

    thanks for your comment! you are very nice to pass on such lovely words! :) yes how funny is it when you are so over-tired you go crazy and crazier!! story of my life i think! then i hit the wall..and the wall is sooo big i hit! haha

    hope your having a lovely sunday!
    xxx love LM

  6. im excited for He's just not that into you too!

  7. I really want to be wherever that 2nd picture is. Good luck with exams!

  8. have fun with your exams,don't stress too much you might see a wrinkle in the face after wards!

    i cant wait to see that movie(slumdog)either,and i love that quote of imagination,so true


  9. Slumdog Millionaire is EXCELLENT! You will love it! He's Just Not That Into You looks like the ultimate chick flick. Will be seeing that too!

  10. Anonymous31.1.09

    hey is that rihanna in the title?
    i'm also looking forward to he's just not that into you!
    and aw i miss summer!