the flames can only be extinguished by doing the electric slide

went to superstore today but left emptyhanded.
(terribleee autum-winter merch.)
i did however snag seasons 1 & 2 of arrested development at hmv ! the rest of my christmas vacation is therefore booked. i'll have a permanent spot on the sofa wearing my new coral aa raglan and boxer shorts, sipping coffee with lotsa cream all throughout the day.

oh oh & what does everybody have planned for new years ?
also, what did you lovely ladies and gents get for chrimmy ?
the 31st is tomorrow and i've still yet to figure out my actual plans ! instead of organizing something concrete, my thoughts drift elsewhere and imagine myself at the cobrasnake party clad in a scandalous diamanté balmain number and skyhigh louboutins.
and then reality reminds me that is faaaar from possible.


  1. u have nice eyes darling

  2. great eyes & leather jackets can sprous any outfit up.
    I too, am without any plans. The phone calls will start coming though.

    i am only fourteen, but never judge by age. (:

  3. oh and i have no idea where to find those shoes. i tried googling the outfits, but sadly came out with nothing :(

  4. haha thanks!
    i love your sense of humor. i also dream of chillin with jack&laz and then i wake up and realize my mind's been playing dirty tricks on me again.

  5. arresttwd development !!!
    lucky kid
    I'm writing this from my iPod so excuse any mistakes.

    Happy nye !!!

  6. your eyes are gorgeous :)

  7. Wow, you have your own new blog! This is so cool and i will definitely look forward to reading!

  8. I know me too.. which i was like that!

  9. thankyou for the lovely comment!
    would you like to exchange links?
    oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    molly x