beep beep goes the horn

three posts in one day, oh mannn.
it's always like that at the beginning though.
i'm an eager beaver, of course.

she is glowing.
her smile beaming and her skin radiant, i could pick her out from a crowd in record time.
and i've fallen for that roller dress from aa once more, it seems. it has joined the ranks of the 1081376327 other things i want at the moment. that list is upcoming, no doubt.
oh & i am sososoo excited because apparently now i'm going downtown montreal on friday !
more news on that later.
bonne nuit loves


  1. as far as aa desires go, i'm still pining for the scrimmage tee in the fourth pic, there is perpetually one xl hanging in my local store, and it's hopelessly too big! have fun in montreal! if anything exciting as far as shopping turns up, let me know? i'm going up at the end of january, and as a ny girl, i couldn't know less about the city..

  2. she's gorgeous! are these pictures from the cobrasnake?
    and congrats on the new blog! ill definitely add it to my google reader :)

  3. Great blog! I pretty much like the same things as you: I am currently working at a fashion mag as an assistant stylist (read: I love fashion) and in two weeks time I will be pursuing my natural talent as a writer.

    Oh and here's what got me to comment in the first place: the second pic- her legs go on forever and seem sooo smooth! That sounds creepy eh?! Well its cause now that im on the other end of my twenties I am longing for my legs of a time gone by! lol!

  4. ZOE
    we are so linking you guys

  5. FELIZ ANO NOVO (2009)

  6. once there was a girl called 'rollergirl' in a film called 'boogie nights'

    dodgy film anyway